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Building Bridges and Travelling Cross Roads


Hypnosis bridges mind and body while recognizing their connections and their crossroads. The individual, in the center of medical hypnosis, is accompanied by a specialized therapist dedicated to helping the patient change from hurting to healthy.

Research through neuro-science is making important strides to uncover the relationships between brain and body while answering these questions: “What happens during therapy? What new options will develop from these discoveries?
Basel Switzerland, an old yet modern University city is a well-adapted venue to share this wealth of knowledge in hypnosis.

We are assured that you will feel at home in Switzerland, which by its central location bridges east and west, as well as north and south. It connects German, French, Italian, Romansh languages and ways. The Swiss constitution and its government place the good of the individual at the center of its system bridging differences and sameness...


Important Dates

17th November 2019
Deadline Abstract Submission

31th March 2020
Deadline Early Bird Registration 

03rd April 2020
Final Program online